Don’t just drink your green tea, reap its skincare benefits too with the Michika Green Tea Face Mask

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On September 3, 2013
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Let me preface this by saying that I think it a tremendous leap of faith of a company in Australia requesting that I, a picky and avid user of face sheet masks from many brands, try their face sheet masks. I have a lot of brands to compare with, and I live in Asia which is like face sheet mask central. I use one almost weekly or twice a week. You guessed it, I have a lot to say about face masks and I have, right here!

The sheet mask brand in question is the Michika Green Tea Face Mask and is sold out of a small set up in Australia.

michika face mask Dont just drink your green tea, reap its skincare benefits too with the Michika Green Tea Face Mask

The Michika Green Tea Face Mask, or to give it its full name “Michika Complexion Synergist Rejuvenating An-Fatigue Face Mask” comes in a pack of 5 and has as it’s key ingredients, Vitamin C and E, Green Tea extract and hyaluronic acid. The green tea extract is supposed to calm skin and even skin tone without containing harsh chemicals so it suits sensitive skins too.

More importantly, I was curious about how it would fare.

The packaging is simple. What you get in a box is 5 individually sealed packs of face masks. To anyone already familiar with using face sheet masks, this is the norm. They are all single use packs and contain one cloth mask inside, infused with a serum or essence that contains the key ingredients.

michika face mask2 Dont just drink your green tea, reap its skincare benefits too with the Michika Green Tea Face Mask

I found that the mask itself was made of a relatively thick material so it wasn’t flimsy and did not tear easily. There were also many cut outs along the side of the mask to enable it to fit different face shapes better. This is something I think is important. A mask with multiple slits in the sides allow you to layer and overlap so your mask fits your face.  There are also 2 flaps for the eyes so you can relax with it on, or have a nap (although I’d caution against leaving it on too long)

The other thing I noticed was that it was fairly large, so it went all the way up to my hairline. So far, all plus points. Some Asian brands have their masks in a smaller size so that bothers me, and fit is always a big issue for me.

michika face mask3 Dont just drink your green tea, reap its skincare benefits too with the Michika Green Tea Face Mask

I was however not very pleased with the way it adhered to my skin, in that it did not adhere very well. The top half was fine. It doesn’t slip. However, the bottom half had a tendency to “flap”. It would not stay wrapped around my chin and this was even when I was lying down. It could be partly to do with the size and partly with the texture of the serum/essence.

The essence is very light and comfortable on skin with a faint green tea smell. But because it is so light and non sticky, the mask tends to dry out a little more quickly than one with a stickier texture. It also wasn’t as drenched with essence as some of the ones I’ve used. It was good for about 15 minutes of relaxation but not much more for me because it started to dry out about then.

Tip: In warm weather, keep the mask in the fridge for a few minutes before using for a cool treat. In cold weather, dipping it for a minute into warm water e.g. while in a tub may make it feel more comfortable (but beware not to use it while it’s hot because that’s bad for your skin!)

The after effects were nice. As when I use most all face sheet masks, my skin feels cool to the touch, I massage in the remainder product into my skin and follow up with my skincare. I do not personally find it much more moisturising than other similar products I have used, but it is comfortable for a quick pick-me-up.

On an overall basis, I think this a nice basic sheet face mask. It’s comfortable, does not irritate my skin, is not overly fragranced and leaves my skin feeling nice and hydrated without a sticky after feel.

All that said, it would be hard for me to say I’d buy it simply because I have easy access to many brands, which do a very good job and which are more affordable locally. So, I would find it hard to dig into my wallet to pay AU$28.30 + $12.50 international shipping (approx RM84 total) for 5 sheet masks.

However, for someone who is based in Australia, who doesn’t have as ready access to sheet masks, or who wants to try one by a local brand or who has never used a face sheet mask, then I think it might be something they’d be more willing to buy, and if so, it is definitely worth a try.

In a nutshell

The Michika Green Tea Face Mask is a face sheet mask from a company based in Australia. The ingredient list is short and the essence is not sticky nor uncomfortable. I did find however, that because the essence is not very sticky, the mask does not adhere to the skin as well as a stickier one and it does dry out a little more quickly. In terms of providing a boost of hydration to the skin, it does do the job well, and also feels comfortable and cooling on the skin. It does however meet a lot of competition from the Asian face sheet mask brands which are very affordable here where I live hence my note about the price.

Pros: Not sticky, Skin feels cool and hydrated, Gives skin a quick calming boost of hydration, Good fit over a large area

Cons: Pricey, Dries out quickly

Who will like this: Anyone who likes using face sheet masks, Anyone who is based in Australia and who doesn’t have access to other brands of face sheet masks

Here is the list of ingredients, for those interested.

michika face mask ingredients Dont just drink your green tea, reap its skincare benefits too with the Michika Green Tea Face Mask

Has anyone tried this brand by any chance? Do you use face sheet masks regularly?

I use them about once a week, usually on a Sunday. It’s my little pampering ritual before the start of a new work week icon smile Dont just drink your green tea, reap its skincare benefits too with the Michika Green Tea Face Mask Sometimes, I even use it twice a week for a quick pick me up. I find that using a sheet mask regularly does help my skin stay more hydrated but I am a little more partial to the ones out of Taiwan, notably My Beauty Diary and L’Herboflore icon smile Dont just drink your green tea, reap its skincare benefits too with the Michika Green Tea Face Mask

Paris B

Michika Complexion Synergist Rejuvenating Anti-Fatigue Facial Mask comes in a box of 5 pieces Price: AU$28.30 a box – ships internationally for AU$12.50 (if on promo price) otherwise shipping is included Availability: The Michika website

Disclosure: Featured product was provided by manufacturer for consideration. For posting guidelines please read my disclaimer.

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September 3, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Interesting to see that even Australian companies are now producing facial sheet masks for use :P And yes Asia is indeed sheet mask land (I’m looking at you Taiwan, Korea and Japan!)

One thing I’ve noted more about Taiwan bloggers is that the thinner the mask material, the better they think it is because they think that it helps your face to absorb the essence better.
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Paris B
September 3, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Yes, that is interesting although quite a few of the major Western brands also carry them, but they don’t talk about them a lot. I don’t know why because sheet masks are awesome stuff! LOL I do find some mask material better than others but I also think a lot of it has to do with the serum/essence used too. It has to be just right :)


LinaC September 3, 2013 at 5:11 pm

There is a material, they call ‘silk’, which is not, it is like stocking fabric, but white in color, they are considered as the best, because they stick to your face more tightly. This one is not ‘silky’. But from my experience, the fabric is not matter, ingredients are. All cloth mask provide certain skin ‘soak’, that is why it looks immediately hydrated. But what happens then, how long does this ‘supple’ complexion last, this is a thing to consider (2-3 hours or days).
$28.3 is with shipping anywhere in the world, $12.5 shipping to international customers was on special, when box of 5 masks was just $7.9. The ‘Special’ is over, but more to come. Anyway, thank you for your honest opinion.


Paris B
September 3, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Thanks for the clarification re: Shipping LinaC The earlier site with promo prices wasn’t clear so I thought there was additional shipping. I’ve rectified the post to reflect this. However, due to exchange rates for currency, it still does work out pricey for us here even at $28.30. I do like the product, but the price isn’t feasible which isn’t something easily controllable, I understand.


LinaC September 3, 2013 at 6:26 pm

Yeah, I understand, it is a bit pricey, I would agree :)


Michelle Beh September 8, 2013 at 10:24 am

I do use face masks but I need to admit that sometimes due to my laziness, I tend to skip this step. It’s good to see that Australian company produced facial sheet masks. By the way, I never try this mask before. I still prefer My Beauty Diary masks from Taiwan as it’s really moisturising and the facial sheet mask fit to my shape of face. :)


Paris B
September 9, 2013 at 9:57 am

I like to put on a face mask while watching tv – at least you know that you won’t be doing anything else at the time, so why not relax? :D


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