Lunasol Velvet Purification Collection: An Overview of the Lunasol Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

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On September 4, 2013
Last modified:September 3, 2013


Velvet – soft, luxurious, deep colour, elegant.

For their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, Lunasol has drawn inspiration from velvet in the Velvet Purification collection. The colours are deeper, as befits the cooler weather and the different textures combine to give you depth of colour and lustre, shifting, deepening and lightening just like a piece of velvet, gently rippling in the wind.

lunasol velvet purification collection

I don’t usually do swatches of collections but I realised that there aren’t many product swatches online for brands like Lunasol so I decided to make this the exception :) I also thought I’d share some thoughts on the collection.

The Lunasol Velvet Purification collection will be available at counters in a week’s time so now’s a good time to figure out what you want 😉 Onwards! (Lots of pictures, so take your time!)

Lunasol Velvet Purification Velvetful Eyes – RM185

There are 4 eyeshadow palettes in the Velvet Purification collection. They are laid out in gradational colours, quite typical of Lunasol and many Japanese brands. It may seem boring, but having used quite a few in my time, I find gradational colours the easiest way to learn how to use eyeshadow because you rarely go wrong, and it always looks flawless. Plus when you’re in a hurry in the mornings, gradational colours take the guesswork out of your eye makeup. It’s no wonder Lunasol was made for the office ladies 😉

lunasol velvetful eyes eyeshadow palettes

We saw some bright shades appear for Spring 2013 in the Vivid Colour Purification collection and some warm contrast shades appear for Summer. With the weather in the Northern Hemisphere cooling down, colours take a turn for deeper, more subdued tones. The colours are a bit lighter in my picture than they are in real life, thanks to the lighting but it gives you an idea of the shades.

The Velvetful Eyes palettes have a rippled surface to give the impression of billowing cloth. There are different textures in each palette from matte to shiny, which you can layer, mix or match at your whims and fancy and also, very wearable earthy, neutral tones. They are pigmented, and some colours are softer than others. I’ll break them down roughly for you, and the swatches are below.

  • 01 Deep Bordeaux Velvet – a cool toned purple and burgundy palette which is the signature palette for the Velvet Purification collection. The colour is very unique and you can achieve significant depth of colour by patting on the product.
  • 02 Cool Olive Velvet – As the name implies, this is an olive, khaki toned eye palette. The 2 base colours – olive green and browned khaki are lovely for a neutral eye, and you can quite easily soften it with the golden beige highlight shades.
  • 03 Dark Brown Velvet – A slightly warmer golden brown palette. This one is quite a safe palette if you ask me. The brown tones are quite neutral and friendly to both warm or cool toned skins and the light golden shades add a lovely shimmer to open up the eye. A natural, safe palette.
  • 04 Navy Black Velvet – The deepest palette of the 4, this one is a black and grey toned palette with silvery tones. I think it projects a very moonlit vibe, like velvet in the night.

My swatches were taken in situ, so they aren’t under the best lighting and I only applied 1 layer of product. Based on my experience with Lunasol eyeshadow palettes, I find they apply best with a natural hair eye brush. Fingers never bring out the best of the product (which might explain why the applicators are a sponge-brush dual ended applicator)

lunasol velvetful eyes swatches

From top to bottom are the Velvetful Eyes 01 to 04. The 2 deeper shades have more intense pigment while the 2 lighter shades have more shimmer. The shade on the top left (extreme left swatch) is the most shimmery, and operates as the highlight shade to be patted on the inner eye area, and brow bone.

The textures are quite typical of Lunasol palettes. The 01 Deep Bordeaux Velvet is an interesting colour, I think while the rest are quite typical. I am however, more drawn to 02 Cool Olive Velvet and 03 Dark Brown Velvet because neutral shades attract me the most at this time. Gosh! Is this what it feels like to grow up (old)? 😛

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips – RM111

There are also 4 new colours available in the Full Glamour Lips line. These are the more pigmented of Lunasol lipsticks and while I realise the price is horrifying, the quality is amazing. I love my Lunasol lipsticks and I always claim the Japanese make the best ones – after all I cut my lipstick teeth on a Japanese brand! 😀

lunasol velvet purification full glamous lipstick

The 4 Full Glamour Lips shades this time are deeper and the texture is a little creamier and protects lips from drying out.

lunasol full glamour lips velvet purification

The colours are (from left to right)

  • 17 Dull Soft Pink – Oh my, who names their product “dull”? This is anything but dull and for a pink with warm natural tones, it is very pigmented as you can see. This is one of those very user-friendly lip colours. No fear of looking like a zombie in this one.
  • 18 Brown Red – Guess which is my fave? hehe… This one’s a red as you can see, that has a toned down hue so it isn’t too bright. But it adds a lovely colour to the face and will be one of those “introductory red lipsticks” because it isn’t scary at all!
  • 19 Medium Beige – Japanese brands are probably the only ones in the world who’d label their lipstick “beige” but the shades usually mean a “nude”. The colour is a neutral browned tone with a slight pink tint and for the record, Japanese brands are the best place to start looking for a wearable “nude” lipstick.
  • 20 Soft Rose – This one really perks up the complexion. A soft rose as the name implies, that looks sweet and pretty on.

The other 2 shade on far left are the Full Glamour Liquid Lips – RM104 each.

  • 23 Medium Pink – A warm creamy pink
  • 24 Brown Red – A creamy browned red

Full Glamour Liquid Lips are liquid lipsticks which have a very lovely creamy texture, good intense colour and beautiful shine on lips. I’ve tried one and I think I might have picked up another 😉

Lunasol Colouring Cheeks N – RM90

Ah, one of my favourite brand of blushes ever! I have showed some pictures of a Lunasol blush palette I have but I keep putting off reviewing these. I really should because I love them. If you are afraid of blush in case you put on too much, or if you want something very subtle that makes you look like you’re glowing and blushing from within, you need to check out Lunasol. I go nuts every time I see a new one released although I’m getting better now 😛

lunasol colouring cheeks n blush

I couldn’t swatch these because like all Lunasol blushes, the texture is not made to be picked up with fingers. When you use a brush, it gives the prettiest whisper of colour on your cheeks. You don’t even need a dense brush, although the texture feels hard. You can very easily pick up colour using just the very soft Lunasol Cheek Brush N which is the one I use of course :)

The 2 new colours available (left to right of picture – my picture is a bit dark, the blushes are lighter in shade):-

  • 04 Medium Beige – A neutral toned blush that gives a warm peachy flush to cheeks
  • 05 Soft Rose – A rosy pink toned blush that gives a soft, sweet flush

The blushes are sold separately from their case but if you have a DIY case, you can just stick these in with your other blushes. The plastic case can serve you for a while as well, but it’s a bit too flimsy to use as a “case”.

Lunasol Velvet Skin Face Color – RM160

This one is one I’m eyeing from the collection. This face powder is launched exclusively for the Velvet Purification collection and is basically a finishing powder.

lunasol velvet skin face color powder

It comes in just one shade EX01 Lucent and is targeted to give skin a brightness and silky radiance. The tones of the powder are shades of very light pink, which is a skin brightening shade. You just apply it on your skin with the included horsehair brush (which feels so lovely!) and it is supposed to give your skin a glow, and help it camouflage pores and unevenness.

Thanks to lighting, the picture on top is a little pink. Here’s another that’s a little pale, but think of the colour as being something in between 😛

lunasol velvet face color powder

I think it’s something like the RMK Pressed Powder N setting powder and I really love that one, so I’m planning to pick this up when it’s out to see how it fares next to the RMK. For anyone curious, I still use the RMK powder, it’s still the same one and it’s still going strong and I still love it. Best setting powder I’ve used :)

Lunasol Nail Finish N – RM56

The 4 nail polishes are limited edition and have such lovely deep tones! If you love deep coloured nail colours then I think these are worth taking a look at. Unlike the rest of Lunasol’s products these are surprisingly affordable!

lunasol nail finish n

The 4 limited edition colours from left to right are:-

  • EX17 Deep Bordeaux – A deep burgundy
  • EX19 Dark Brown – A deep brown
  • EX18 Deep Olive – A deep green that I wouldn’t call olive, but more of a forest green
  • EX20 Deep Navy – A deep, navy blue

Lunasol W Shadow & Liner – RM128 & Brow Styling Mascara N – RM90

The Lunasol W Shadow & Liner is also limited edition for the Velvet Purification collection. What it is, is a dual-ended eyeshadow and liner in a handy slim pen.

lunasol w shadow liner

One side of the pen is a liquid liner with a felt tip applicator in a chiselled angled design to make it easier to draw your eyeliner. The other side, is a complementary powder eyeshadow with a sponge tip applicator. Pat it on over the eyeliner or pat it on for colour and enhance with the eyeliner. They are supposed to be water resistent and stay on.

And finally, the Brow Styling Mascara N which is mascara for your brows! I haven’t used a brow mascara before, but I’m told it gives a very natural look to the brows. More natural than if you use a pencil, because this catches on your brow hairs and enhances their appearance.

Whew! 😀

Did any item from the Velvet Purification collection catch your eye?

For me I’m eyeing that Velvet Skin Face Color powder thingy and also maybe a blush. Yes, I’m incorrigible 😛

Paris B

Lunasol Velvet Purification is available at Kanebo counters from 13 September 2013. Some items are limited edition and have been identified above. Others are permanent additions to the range.

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Firn September 4, 2013 at 9:54 am

How do you use the RMK powder? Just brushing over yout T-zone lightly or are you supposed to buff it in? I find if I just lightly brush over my foundation, I get a very powdery look and not the poreless powder finish everyone raves about. I gave it to my mum because I found it too pinky-white for my more neutral skintone…


Paris B
September 6, 2013 at 10:13 am

I use the brush included, and just swipe it on all over. I usually do an all over thing because I find the RMK has very good oil control qualities and leaves my skin feeling and looking silky for hours. I have the blue one which is supposed to help tone down redness. So, I take the brush, pick up the product, and apply to face. No buffing. Don’t bother using any other brush. It leaves a more powdery finish than the flat one included :)


Applegal September 4, 2013 at 10:03 am

Beautiful fall colours! The palettes look very nice, very office-friendly and wearable looking. Taking the guesswork out in the morning, haha! I like that! For now I just use a couple of eyeshadows from my Naked Palette 2 to death 😛

Aiyorrr, the whole collection looks good to me la! Right down to the lipsticks and the blushers, and the finishing powder. I think their foundation’s pretty good too right? I’m all for Japanese makeup now!


Paris B
September 6, 2013 at 10:15 am

That’s what I like about Lunasol. Very office friendly, if you tone down the shimmer. But if you pack it on, then it transforms for a night look. Some people do find the colours boring, but I guess, they aren’t very exciting haha! The blushes are really nice. Very worth the price 😛 Am thinking of picking up the Rosy one Gah! 😛 Yes, the foundation is very good too! My HG liquid foundation is from here 😀


Tracy September 4, 2013 at 10:40 am

LOL once a blush fiend, ALWAYS a blush fiend haha! Those blushes look AMAZING!!! I might have to knock on your door someday and steal some 😛
Tracy recently blogged…BCBGMaxAzria Bon Genre Eau De ParfumMy Profile


Paris B
September 6, 2013 at 10:16 am

You know Tracy, I think you’ll LOVE the blushes. They are different from Western brands and give that beautiful glow from within look. I’m going to send you one so you don’t have to steal mine haha! 😀


Parita September 4, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Olive velvet and Brown velvet both have gorgeous blend of colors! loved both of them!
Parita recently blogged…Look Of The Day: Day Time Bronze Eyes LookMy Profile


Paris B
September 6, 2013 at 10:16 am

They are the ones that caught my eyes too! So easy to wear


Ting September 4, 2013 at 3:05 pm

YESSS!!! The shadow & Liner pen looks very interesting. Reminds me of Pixi’s Lid & Line (or something). At first I was drawn instantly to the Deep Bordeaux Velvet. But looking at your arm swatches of Dark Brown Velvet… the colours are so sophisticated! :)


Paris B
September 6, 2013 at 10:18 am

Yep, that Shadow & Liner pen was interesting but I actually don’t like these sort of products haha! I know it’s practical and all but I can never get the hang of the shadow bit and they tend to drop everywhere. Dior did one too early this year I think. Actually my swatches of the Bordeaux one isn’t very good. The colours are more interesting in person. Plummy burgundy. Most people were drawn to it! I passed haha!


Jess September 4, 2013 at 10:58 pm

To me this collection is a little bit boring, seeing many repetitive colours or the colours in the eye palette looked almost the same with their previous collections .

I think the only things which caught my attention is nail polish ; the colours are pretty & at least looked interesting to me! I might go and check out Lunasol W Shadow & Liner too… but then again really pricey!


Paris B
September 6, 2013 at 10:29 am

In terms of colours, I don’t think many Japanese brands, Lunasol included are out there in terms of exciting shades but what I like is that anyone can jump at any collection and pick up something wearable :) Also, most of the products are permanent which is something else I like, which might also explain why they are less exciting. I think the texture of the eyeshadows are a little better than some of the earlier collections though but that’s just me. Some of the early collections sucked so bad, I refused to even look at the brand haha! The nail polishes are very nice and quality is good and they aren’t very pricey compared to other brands :) Personally am not so keen on the Shadow & Liner but that face powder thing really gets me going haha


Jess September 6, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Yeh… I got so crazy buying them last time… and at some point of time.. I stopped because one palette can lasts for quite long..and I got similar one at home… Got to agree their nail polish is good..dry up pretty fast too 😀 My fav from Lunasol is definitely their foundation 😀


Paris B
September 9, 2013 at 9:54 am

Lunasol foundations are amazing! I don’t think their colours are made for collectors, coz as you have said, they do look very similar after a while. As neutral palettes, they are pretty useful though 😉


Michelle Beh September 8, 2013 at 10:11 am

Hi Paris B! Thanks for the introduction of the Lunasol Velvet Purification Autumn Winter Collection. They are all so nice~ I think I’m going to get it when I’m back to Malaysia next month . :)


Paris B
September 9, 2013 at 9:57 am

Hi Michelle! Which item are you eyeing? Most of them (without the EX in the name) are permanent so no fear of them running out before you get back 😀


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