Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

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prague Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

I can’t believe its already been 2 weeks since I returned from my vacation to the Czech Republic, a place I’ve always wanted to visit for the longest time ever. I fulfilled my dream to visit the beautiful “City of 100 spires” aka Praha or Prague as we know it and I thought I’d share some of the things you can do while you’re there, because quite a few of you had expressed interest to visit.

If your plan is to shop till you drop then Prague isn’t for you. Let’s just get that out of the way because I’ve met more than a few people in my time who, at the mention of Europe, start to get that Chanel sparkle in their eyes. There is good shopping to be had in Prague, but its not the best place for that. What its worth going for is the views, and architecture and to just soak up the atmosphere of an old city, relatively undamaged by the various wars and political upheavals they’ve undergone, and just live for a little while.

I was there towards the middle of Spring which I was told, is not exactly a wonderful time, because the weather can get a little wonky. They had a long cold winter and were just starting to thaw out by April so when I arrived, the weather was a warm (almost hot) 25°C and I was quite disappointed. 2 days later, the temperature plummeted to the low teens and down till about 4°C. Its apparently better in Autumn when the weather is more stable but in Spring, you’ll see the beautiful flowers  in bloom everywhere so it has its attractions.

I thought I’d share 10 things you can do in Prague, in case you think of visiting, and it serves as a quick introduction to the city and what I did while I was there icon smile Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic So, strap yourselves in your chair, we’re going on an armchair holiday with quite a few pictures to go through! icon biggrin Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

1. Take a Free Walking Tour from the Old Town Square

prague free tour Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

The Free Walking Tour is just that – free. There are a few companies doing it, but I looked online and went with Sanderman’s New Prague Tours which came highly recommended. Their meeting point is at the Old Town Square where every tour in the city seems to meet up, and which is a central meeting point in the city. Its easy to find because that’s where the Astronomical Clock is, and everyone knows where that is! All you have to do is turn up at about 10.45am look for the guides in the red jackets and umbrellas, pick a language (English, Spanish etc) and you’re good to go. They go on for about 3 hours, taking you through the city, stopping for a short break and serves as a very good introduction to the history of the city and for you to get your bearings.

At the end of the tour, all you have to do is tip your guide, depending on how much you feel they were worth. The guide I had was entertaining, knowledgeable and kept my attention riveted for all the 3 hours with his little anecdotes and stories. If possible, take this walking tour the day after you arrive so you appreciate the city better. I made the mistake of taking it later in my trip after I’d spent a couple of days bumbling around, not knowing what was what or where was what.

2. Eat a Trdelník (Trdlo)

prague trdelnik3 Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

You must. I didn’t do any research before I left, so I didn’t know about this traditional Czech pastry. When I was getting lost in one of the little side streets around the Old Town Square, I saw a bakery called Krusta and a very interesting pastry making session going on. The sweet pastry is rolled in a spiral around a stick, rolled in sugar and cinnamon and then rotated over heat to cook it. In this shop, they called it Trdlo and it cost CZK60 (approx RM4) and I later saw other side stalls selling it for about CZK50 but I bought one and it wasn’t as good.

prague trdelnik2 Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Its absolutely delicious. Like a sweet cinnamon roll and especially good when its hot off the fire. Its also absolutely fattening so yes, I’m still paying for packing in a Trdlo a day while I was there. It was so good, I couldn’t help it icon razz Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Cheers! icon wink Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

prague trdelnik Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

3. Look Down and Up everywhere you go

There is so much to take in, in the streets of Prague. Look down and you will find yourself treading the age old cobble stone streets, look up and marvel at the soaring spires of medieval towers and intricate carvings and architecture. Here is a sampling of what to expect.

Astronomical Clock

prague clock Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

The oldest working astronomical clock in the world is found here in Old Town Square of Prague. Everyday on the hour, hordes of tourists gather at its base to watch the clock strike the hour, and to catch a glimpse of the 12 apostles through the doors above the clock. But as the guide told us, there is a lot more to the clock than just this brief display of sound and motion. The clock shows which part of the year we’re in, whether its day or night (strange!), what the phase of the moon is, what zodiac sign it is presently, in addition to telling the time. Quite a marvel of technology!

Jewish Quarter

prague jewish Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Spanish Synagogue – Jewish synagogue built in Moorish design

There is a large area in Prague known as the Jewish Quarter where the Jews were confined. It used to be a slum but is now one of the more upmarket areas of Prague. There are quite a few functioning synagogues still found there and they are surprisingly quite well preserved considering how the Jews were persecuted during World War 2.

prague jewish2 Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Powder Tower

prague powder tower Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

The Powder Tower is a gothic structure that was built as one of the gates leading into the city. The name came from the fact that it used to be used to store gunpowder! These days, you know you’re heading into the Old Town area when you come upon this dark brooding structure. I got lost a few times and seeing this put me back on track so I have to say it did come in handy!

Estates Theatre

Those who are into music will appreciate that child musical genius Mozart has a strong bond with the city of Prague. The people of Prague adored him when reception was only lukewarm in other cities. It was said that he once received a 30 minute standing ovation!

prague mozart Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Me and Emperor Palpatine icon razz Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Outside the Estates Theatre where Mozart performed his great operas like Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro sits a statue dedicated to him. It is a rendering of the Commendatore character from the opera Don Giovanni which was performed to great acclaim here in Prague.

Franz Kafka

Here’s another strange statue you will come across as you enter the Jewish Quarter – a statue dedicated to one of Prague’s most well known Jewish writers – Franz Kafka.

prague kafka Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve never read Kafka but this is from one of his books about him dreaming of being chased by an invisible suit. All very esoteric and dark and just beyond my philistine literary quests icon razz Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Wenceslas Square

prague wencesles Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Wenceslas Square is the scene of many an uprising and is also a place for people to gather. These days, this is also a shopping strip with a Sephora store, clothing stores, souvenir shops, hotels and the like. I didn’t step into any Sephora while I was there, in case you were wondering icon smile Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic I didn’t really do much shopping but I did pick up some interesting Czech brands from the pharmacy so I’ll share that next time.

There is so much more to see in the city that I can’t adequately describe. I adored it and I just know that there is so much more to discover if I ever have the chance to return.

4. Walk and Get lost

prague streets Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

If I reach, I can almost touch the sides

No, you won’t actually physically get lost (although it felt like I did a few times) The city is small enough that you can walk everywhere, yet large enough so you don’t find yourself going round and round in circles, seeing the same thing. There always seems to be a surprise at every corner!

Some streets are impossibly narrow and quiet, and then you come upon a lovely little restaurant that isn’t expensive and serves excellent food. So, bring your most comfortable walking shoes and just walk. I wore flat boots some of the time, but found that rubber soled sneakers are actually the best footwear to wear. The uneven cobblestones do make it quite hard to walk fast if you’re not used to it, and if it rains, it can get slippery. But I did spot some locals dashing everywhere in their heels so I suppose its possible!

5. Eat, Drink and be Merry!

I apologise in advance for the non-halal food and drink photos but beer is cheap and plentiful and apparently I just found out that the Czechs are one of the largest consumers of beer in the world. There are many local breweries in all the little towns and their beer is really good!

prague beer2 Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Clockwise from Top Left: Dacicky at a pub in Kutna Hora; Kozel Dark beer (my personal fave!), Pilsner Urquell and Kozel Dark Beer; Eggenberg dark beer at a pub in Cesky Krumlov ~ local beer

Also, it was a lot cheaper to drink beer than to drink anything else so I did icon razz Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

prague food3 Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Clockwise from Top Left: Pork knuckle as large as my face! ; Beef goulash and dumplings; Street Food of Roasted Prague Ham bread, Cabbage and Bacon; Svícková – beef cooked with cabbage, parsnip, carrots and double cream sauce served with cranberry sauce, whipped cream and a slice of lemon and steamed bread dumpling

Food was heavy on the meats – pork and beef in particular although duck was quite good too – and light on the vegetables except cabbage and sauerkraut. I went on a vegetable diet for a week after I got back icon razz Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic But I enjoyed the food, despite the gigantic portions, and how heavy it was. Paying for it now of course, but hey, on holiday, everyone should eat drink and be merry! icon biggrin Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

6. Enjoy the Prague Castle by Day and by Night

prague castle2 Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Photobombing a view of the Prague Castle from King Charles Bridge

One of the main attractions in Prague is the Prague Castle or Pražský hrad, home to the Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, Presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. It is supposed to be the largest ancient castle in the world and believe me, its HUGE! Its not large, but mostly sprawling.

You could do it the hard way as I did, by walking across the King Charles Bridge and through the town, up a gazillion castle steps, to collapse panting at the gardens where you are treated to a gorgeous view of the whole of the city….

prague castle view Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

… or as I found out later, you can take a tram that takes you almost right to the doorstep of the castle, where you can hop out, fresh as a daisy to enjoy the grounds. The entrance to the castle grounds is free, but there is a fee if you want to enter the buildings.

As you enter the main castle grounds, you’ll come face to face with the soaring and magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral in all its Gothic glory.

prague castle vitus Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

It was an abominably hot day when I was there so I wasn’t quite in the mood to do much except hide in the shade. So that’s what I did, after a cursory look around the castle where I’m sure I missed out on a ton of important details, I dragged myself back out to the gardens, plonked myself on a bench under the shade of a tree and just enjoyed the view. It was wedding season too, so I spotted quite a few bridal couples having their wedding photos taken in the gardens, with the city as their backdrop. Stunning!

Another breathtaking view of the castle is at night, from across the river.

prague castle Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

In the evenings, the main attractions in Prague are lit up and the sight quite takes your breath away. I took this shot from across the river and you can see just how sprawling the castle is. Not quite our conventional idea of what a castle looks like I’m sure, but its how much its grown over the years its been standing there.

7. Take a day trip to Kutna Hora and Cesky Krumlov

cesky kutna Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

I will share more about these other 2 towns separately because there’s so much about them that deserves a focus, not just a cursory one liner. Kutna Hora is about an hour away by road (I took a half day guided tour) and Cesky Krumlov is about 3 hours away by road (I took a bus).

I will say that both are worth visiting whether on your own or with a guided tour although I’d lean towards taking a guided tour to Kutna Hora and travelling to Cesky Krumlov yourself and then joining a walking tour when you arrive.

8. Eat in a Cellar

Here’s something I found interesting. Prague seems famous for having cellar or underground restaurants. When I looked up recommendations, there were many. But for the most part, many also seemed to be quite pricey and tourist traps. These cellar restaurants are literally situated in the basements or cellars of buildings and you may even miss them if you aren’t observant.

tlusta mys Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

The atmosphere is cosy and vaulted ceilings seem to be a popular architectural touch. It could be a throwback to medieval dining styles and they do have that sort of cosy, noisy atmosphere. I went to 2 but I do recommend that you try Tlusta Mys located in Kampa, across the river from the Old Town, for an inexpensive cellar dining experience. I had one of the cheapest meals in Prague here, with the cheapest Kozel dark beer I found at just 28CZK and it had all the lovely atmosphere without the hefty tourist pricetag icon biggrin Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

9. Take in an aerial view

prague towers Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

There are 2 places in Prague where you can go to take in the aerial view of the city. The first, which is the strange building you see on the left above, is the  Žižkov Television Tower. I found the strange futuristic modern design jarring, because the rest of the city is so fluid and romantic. You have to take the underground to Jiriho z Podebrad on ‘A’ line Metro and then walk. I wasn’t terribly keen to visit but my friend was so we went. Once we got there of course, we had to pay to go up after coming all the way. What you get is panoramic views of the city and a slightly creeped out feeling from seeing the sculptures of the crawling babies on the tower. Personally, for a panoramic view, I’d rather go to the Petrin Hill lookout.

That’s the Eiffel Tower looking building on the right situated on Petrin Hill. We walked there from the Castle, through a lovely green park and I highly recommend the walk. You do have to pay to go up and you have to climb all the way. There are 2 levels but I’d suggest just going to the first level, because it affords you a very good view of the city and its open so you can walk out on the deck. If you decide to brave the rest of the steps and go right to the top, you get a small enclosed area that can get crowded if there are too many people there. So stop at the first one and enjoy the beautiful views of the city from up above.

10. Make a friend… or just meet one

meeting a Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Alright, this is a cheat. I happened to know that a reader, A lives in Prague so before I went, I contacted her to find out a little more about the city and getting around etc. She was incredibly helpful and we arranged to meet up for tea on the Sunday when I was there, where she introduced me to Medovnik, a Czech Honey Cake.

honey cake Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

This is incredible. A slice of rich layered cake of butter, nuts and caramel. I was warned it might be a bit sweet and it was, but it went perfectly with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Delicious! You can also buy these at the airport, packed for travel, which I did, to finish up my Czech Koruna. Makes for a delicious souvenir!

I’ve met two absolutely gorgeous and wonderful readers just this year and its been amazing both times. We just sit there and yak away like old friends, and again, we don’t talk about beauty! Haha… I love it icon biggrin Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

I hope you’ve enjoyed travelling with me to Prague icon smile Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic Its a beautiful city and one I highly recommend anyone to visit. You can do it yourself quite easily as I did, and I do suggest you spend a little time, instead of just passing through. This way, you can enjoy the sights, take your time, indulge in the food and drink and bring home lots of wonderful memories, the way I did icon smile Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Have I ignited your desire to visit Prague? icon wink Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

I can tell you that Prague is one of the more affordable European cities I’ve visited thus far. I had a loose budget but even then, I managed to do many things very comfortably on the wallet, unlike visiting many other European cities which can quickly burn a hole if you aren’t vigilant. If you have questions about getting around, or getting there or anything, do feel free to ask below. I’ll try to give you the answers the best I can based on my travel experience icon biggrin Travel Tales: 10 Things You Can Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Paris B

I love travelling and this is my little corner where I share my Travel Tales. These are some of my travel tips as I make my way around my country and the world. You can read more Travel Tales here.

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Larie May 19, 2013 at 9:00 am

Eeee, amazing! I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to visit Prague for the history and the eats! God, I think I could eat my way through Europe. That’s certainly what I indulged in when I was in France! These are amazing photos, and great tips! I definitely will bookmark this for later…hopefully we’ll be able to travel sometime soon!


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:25 pm

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Larie :D it was fun for me to relive my trip and you have to visit some day especially if you appreciate history. I don’t appreciate it that much but there was so much to take in. Oh and the food is pretty amazing, and not too expensive compared to many other cities in Europe. That’s what I think is the best part of all! I hope you get to visit soon :)


Tracy May 19, 2013 at 9:08 am

Holy! I had no idea what a great place this would be for holiday! Amazing! It’s totally on my list to visit now!


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Truth to tell, neither sis I till I got there. Suddenly, 1 week seemed so short! I think you’d love it, Tracy!


Melissa May 19, 2013 at 9:23 am

I think No.3 and No.4 in your list applies to all places in Europe. Its the element of surprise that is so fascinating. =) Beautiful post though, I know where to go next.


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:27 pm

That’s true, so much of Europe is so beautiful and old. I’m told however that prague is a little more preserved because it wasn’t too destroyed in the wars, as Hitler planned to retire there and you don’t destroy your retirement home! :) its absolutely worth a visit :)


Jean May 19, 2013 at 10:00 am

ah.. great guide! i wish i can have my europe trip soon, definitely not too soon.


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:32 pm

Glad you enjoyed it :) I’ve found it ideal to have a dream and then work towards making it happen. Europe is a lot closer (and a little more affordable) than many think ;)


sher88 May 19, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Nice!!! I wanna go too :) The place looks lovely… I prefer walking tours over the sit-in-coach tours. That way you get to experience ‘being a local’ :p
Definitely a must visit on my list ~


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:34 pm

I don’t do tours generally, because I hate being tied down to a schedule. These days, I go where I want, stay as long as I want and its alright if I didn’t see everything, because being there is all that matters :) I hope you get to visit Prague. Its too beautiful not to visit :)


Rin May 19, 2013 at 2:02 pm

Hi Paris! You’ve certainly ignited my desire to visit Prague! Even more! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and tips. Beautiful pics too. Gosh, I’d like to get lost, and just ‘feel’ the streets.


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:35 pm

I’m glad you enjoyed this, Rin :) make your trip happen! ;)


Tereza May 19, 2013 at 2:33 pm

Awh bless! Coincidentally, I posted about travelling today too! Plus I’m Czech (living in the UK) & am goin’ home for holiday in about a month’s time, so this is a brilliant post to add a few things I have forgottten about on my to see list!! Thanks xxxx


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:37 pm

Hi Tereza, what a coincidence indeed! I love reading travel posts and I enjoyed yours too. Ah what wouldn’t I give for a glass of cold Czech beer right about now! I hope you have a lovely trip home :)


Jennifer May 19, 2013 at 4:59 pm

Awesome post and thank you for sharing, Paris :) Love at first sight for me today I must say. Sounds like a great holiday without the hustle and bustle of a typical holiday. I must now save up and include in travel wishlist. Glad you had a great time. The food and scenery were amazing shots :)


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:39 pm

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jennifer :) I went thinking a week was too long, and I left knowing it was too short. If you plan to visit, I can assure you that its one of the more affordable cities in Europe to visit, and its a wonderful place to just go and chill out. I spent half a day sitting in the sun, enjoying a long lunch. I don’t think I could do it in any other city and not feel like I should be somewhere else doing something :)


Tammy May 19, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Oh Paris! I absolutely love your idea/tip of eating in a cellar! They look so cute and cosy! And the honey cake……it looks like a Russian honey cake I had here last Sunday!


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:41 pm

Cellar restaurants are very cosy, Tammy! You could be right about the similarity of the honey cake, you know. They could all come from the same region! :D


Natasha May 20, 2013 at 1:48 am

Ooooh! Now I really want to visit Prague! My grandfather came over from Czechslovakia (so long ago, it was called Bohemia!)… and I’d love to see his homeland someday.


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:42 pm

Ah I hope you get to, Natasha! You know, it wasn’t until I got there that I realised Bohemia really existed as a country, not just as a description! It was enlightening! :D


LeGeeque May 20, 2013 at 7:20 am

That sounds like a dream. I love small cobble-stoned cities. In fact, I think I’ll visit Prague before I do any of the conventional European countries. You didn’t talk much about shopping! I thought you’d come home with laden with Swarovski ;) And, OMG, the beer. Sigh. I think I’d grow fat from drinking, not the eating! :P


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 10:50 pm

Yes, go to Prague. You’ll love it there and food and drink is affordable and plentiful! I didn’t shop at all till my last day there! Whizzed through the Swarovski store hours before I had to leave for the airport and picked up a couple of trinkets. Nothing else major ;)


Jo May 20, 2013 at 9:31 am

What an interesting read! Prague is definitely on my travel wish list. Can I just ask, did you travel to only Prague (or did you visit other neighbouring European countries) with a friend? How did you sort out the flights, hotels etc? Would you happen to know where to source for the best rates? ;) Thanks!


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Glad you enjoyed it, Jo :) To answer your question: I only went to Prague for about a week. You can actually visit Vienna or Budapest, both of which are quite near. I chose not to as I don’t like rushing about so I don’t mind staying put in one place. I flew Emirates (from KL) and I booked an apartment for my stay (will blog about that next time ;)) for flights from KL, you’re pretty much saddled with KLM or Emirates but I was told to go with Emirates for a more comfortable flight. You transit in Dubai. Emirates does promos so keep a look out or try your luck. That’s what I did. Checked on a whim, saw a rate I was comfortable with and just booked! :)


Jo May 21, 2013 at 8:49 am

I have that in mind too – just focus on 1 city at a time and really soak it in rather than rushing through all the gorgeous European cities! I wonder if any readers here have tried the Contiki holiday. Is it any good?


Paris B May 22, 2013 at 3:19 pm

That is truly the best (and most luxurious) way to travel :) There is so much to absorb! I haven’t tried Contiki but from what I know, its just a regular tour company isn’t it?


Victoria May 20, 2013 at 11:42 am

Beautiful post and pictures! Will definitely want to visit this city some day. Thanks for sharing your experience with us readers :-)


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 11:04 pm

I’m glad you enjoyed it Victoria :) definitely do put it on your to-visit list. Its worth aiming towards!


Amanda May 20, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Hey, that’s me :D It was very nice meeting you too ;) A great article and you know more about Prague than I do. *lol* I never knew there are free tours in the city.


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Yay yes it is! I made sure I picked the approved photo hehe ;) haha usually, tourists would see and do more than locals, right? You’re lucky to live in such a beautiful city. One of these days, go try the free walking tour. Its a lot of fun and very informative! :D


Wai Mun May 20, 2013 at 10:16 pm

you literally made me fell in love with this place Paris! ahhh! i bet every sight is worth to go !


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 11:16 pm

Glad you enjoyed it, Wai Mun :) yes, every sight is worth looking at, some of them, twice :D put it on your to-go list and tell yourself you’ll get there one day. It took me years, but I got there in the end and so can you! :)


Miriam May 20, 2013 at 10:21 pm

Luv Prague so much that I had been there 3 times.
You should visit Karlovy Vary the next time
if you are in Czech Republic.


Paris B May 20, 2013 at 11:17 pm

3 times! I’m jealous! ;) yes I did plan to visit Karlovy Vary but I didn’t plan well enough so didn’t manage to this time, and opted to go to Kutna Hora instead. Next time maybe! :D


SY May 21, 2013 at 2:39 pm

Hi, this question has nothing much to do with Prague, but can I ask which Longchamp bag you are using in the pics? I am looking for a travel bag other than a backpack. Longchamp seems to have so many sizes I am frankly confused. Thanks!


Paris B May 22, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Hi SY, its the Medium Black long handle le Pliage. I’ve got a post about it here.


SY May 23, 2013 at 12:45 am

Thank you for replying! :)


beetrice May 22, 2013 at 3:17 pm

Am so bookmarking this – love how picturesque Prague is. And if LeGeeque is going, shucks I’m gonna tag along too! :P


Paris B May 22, 2013 at 4:25 pm

:D Its a gorgeous gorgeous city. I didn’t know what to expect but I was most certainly not disappointed!


SH May 23, 2013 at 3:19 pm

Very interesting…definitely on my To-Go places now. How did you get into Prague. Which airline did you take?


Paris B May 23, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Hi SH, I flew Emirates from KL. It transits at Dubai for between 2-4 hours depending on your flight and its a pretty decent and comfortable airline :)


Vera Soo May 31, 2013 at 4:10 am

LOVELY! I’m falling in love with this country already.
I ate that cinamon roll before at a food fair in a local hotel. It’s YUUUMMMS!
Funny, my ex-manager from C.Republic used to tell me that it’s a cold country & everyone smokes & drinks alcohol like water & that I wouldn’t like it.
I have hypotension thus can’t really adapt to the above. Was it cold there? Saw your pics., you’re both in jackets.


Paris B May 31, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Hi Vera! The roll is so yummy right?! Gosh! I’m actually pining for it right now! LOL I was there in early Spring so the temperature was a bit crazy. It was hot the first 2 days (25 C! I was in a singlet top!) and then the temperature plummeted to below 10 one morning and stayed in the teens so I needed a coat. If the cold doesn’t suit you, you could consider visiting when its warmer e.g. late Spring or Summer (although I’m told it gets crowded then). I did notice many people smoking but its quite true in many parts of Europe, and as for drinking yes, its very common because the Czechs are the world’s #1 beer drinkers! Every town has their own brewery so its cheap. But its not like there are no other options available :) Its a lovely place to visit and definitely an experience you’ll never forget! :D


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