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Going to a hair salon at 11am is a luxury few can afford. Which is why when I showed my face at Grace Salon at Bangsar Village II, I was not surprised to see that the only women having their hair washed and styled were mostly tai tais or ladies of leisure. Well I was a lady of leisure that morning too, as I was there for the Kerastase Chronologiste hair treatment 😉

grace salon bangsar village 2

Grace Salon is one of only 100 Kerastase hair salons in Malaysia – that’s how tight the control is and I love the ambiance in there. It feels luxurious and very comfortable.

The Kerastase Chronologiste hair treatment is the Rolls Royce of hair treatments, specifically targeted to help repair damaged hair. It uses caviar pearls that are crushed just before use and mixed with a velvety cream to treat your poor abused hair. I was quick to be told that although the little black pearls look like caviar, its actually botanical based – not animal based so animal lovers can rest easy. And Kerastase claims that this is their most technologically advanced formula to date.

The treatment starts with a hair and scalp diagnosis. My scalp was pronounced healthy while my hair was “alright”. There were some strands that were healthy and shiny and there were strands that looked dull. I knew that – the hair has been feeling a bit straw like lately. Nevermind! I was told, after my treatment, my crowning glory will be smooth and shining!

After the hair diagnosis, I was led to a little changing room, where I was handed a locker key, and a comfortable tube top and pants to change into, with a robe to cover up. Intriguing! I thought I was here just to do my hair!

I was then led into a special darkened room, which blocks out the sounds of the salon outside, and has some soothing music playing. I had my hair washed with a shampoo for the hair and a shampoo for the scalp. Intriguing!

But my favourite part was the chair. Its is a very comfortable chair but that’s not what’s so special. You don’t have to take a single step once you sit in that chair. It can be electronically controlled to swivel you around and thereafter, to lie you horizontal, so your hair can be rinsed out! Yeah geeky gadgety things like that thrill me 😛

kerastase chronologiste treatment

After the hair wash, it was time for the hair mask with  Chronologiste. The therapist crushed up the black “caviar” pearls and mixed them into the cream and then proceeded to massage it into my hair shaft. There is a special technique they use, which involves them rubbing in the cream into the hair from root to tip. I’ve attempted it at home and its almost impossible to do on your own head so although the Kerastase Chronologiste set is available for home treatment, I’d suggest you get it done in a salon.

During this time, I spent the time reading gossip mags like Hello and Hot! and I swear my brains just stopped working. Who are these celebrities? Why do people care what they do? Argh!

Once all my hair was done – I think she was probably thankful that I had short hair 😛 – they stick your head into a steamer and let the steam at it. This goes on for about 15 minutes. Then, you are given a wonderful neck and shoulder massage before your hair is rinsed out again.

After that, you change and go and have your hair blown dry and styled, if you’d like that. All in all, the treatment took about 2 hours for me. And I have short hair. If you have longer hair, it might take a bit longer because it’ll take them a while to get all the cream massaged into your hair.

They did show me my hair closeup again after the treatment and I must admit that it looked markedly shinier and healthier but with the naked eye, I did not notice much difference although it felt nice. My hair felt more manageable for about 2-3 days. For the cost of the treatment, I was expecting it to feel like a million bucks for at least a week. That said, perhaps regular treatment will get it to shine like a beacon and be smooth like a curtain – I shouldn’t expect a miracle with just one treatment 😛

The Kerastase Chronologiste hair treatment prices differ from salon to salon and from hair length to hair length. At Grace Salon, based on my short hair, a 1 time treatment is about RM300+ I told you its the Rolls Royce of hair treatments!

Pros: Hair looks shinier and is more manageable, the hair spa experience is second to none!

Cons: Expensive for the majority but worth it if your hair is damaged

That said, you may not need this treatment, if you don’t have problem hair. Kerastase has different treatments to suit different hair problems, and this is the most expensive of the lot. But if you have been like me and been using this shampoo and that and wondering why your hair looks like a helmet on your head, you could consider this one 😉

Kerastase Chronologiste is also available as an at home DIY kit for RM600 for 10 treatments. Me? I think I’ll leave it to the professionals and go maybe twice a year 😉

Paris B

Kerastase Chronologiste hair treatment at Grace Salon for short hair is roughly RM300+ per 2 hour session. The at home Kerastase Chronologiste kit retails at RM600/10 treatments. You can read about Kerastase Chronologiste here.

Disclosure: Featured service was offered to members of the media for evaluation. For posting policies please read my disclaimer.

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November 3, 2010 at 9:09 am

Hmmm… my hair has been too pampered, I think. I outta spend that RM 300 on rebonding and coloring, as opposed to treatments. ^.^ I’ve never done anything to it for about 1 year
Hanny recently blogged…FOTD- Fall 2010 Purple- Gold and Red!My Profile


ParisB November 3, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Ahh… once you rebond and colour, you’d need the treatments to keep it shiny and healthy! Hence my reason for not doing much to my hair except cut it 😛


November 3, 2010 at 9:54 am

my friend has become a die-hard fan of kerastase for about 3 years now. her hair is long, and rebonded. but surprisingly using kerastase faithfully, her hair actually has not many split ends and smooth like water fall! and i used to tease about her dry hair *roll eyes*
xin recently blogged…Review- Nature Republic Hand Me Love Steam Massage Hand Mask and Peace of Foot &amp Heel Powdery Cooling MaskMy Profile


ParisB November 3, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Ahh… see what good treatments can do for hair? 😉 I really do enjoy the Kerastase treatments. Maybe I’ll go back for a cheaper one soon. This one is too wallet busting.


November 3, 2010 at 9:54 am

I wish I could be pampered like that! Even though I think my hair is pretty happy with the current regime I’m giving it, my scalp has been misbehaving somewhat. 😛
rinnah recently blogged…Latte taste-off – Starbucks vs Austin ChaseMy Profile


ParisB November 3, 2010 at 12:55 pm

I think Kerastase has scalp treatments. But I”m not sure since I rarely pay attention to my hair… until now that is. Having short hair is great – less issues 😉


November 8, 2010 at 12:47 am

I went for kerastase treatment at RM160 only @Blanco. My hair length is medium. I guess, the price differs depending how royal the treatment is… :)


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