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There’s been some funkiness going on at My Women Stuff these couple of days for which I sincerely apologise. Posts and comments have been disappearing as quickly as limited edition cosmetics flying off the shelves.

I’m afraid the culprit is my server which has decided to misbehave and in doing so, it ate up my previous posts over the past couple of days. If anyone’s wondering, I swear a server is female 😛 Still, I’m in the process of getting the posts reinstated.

If you left a comment or left a comment between Saturday and Monday at the Majolica Majorca Giveaway post and do not notice your comment, please do leave another. I have a record of those who did take part in the last few days so even if I don’t see your new comment, I will place you in the draw anyway. But you might want to make sure I didn’t miss you.

To my new subscribers who are wondering, no, this is not normal! So sorry for the trouble and I’m hoping things stablise soon.

~ Paris B ~

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