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I have a phobia of cream blushes.

There I’ve said it. I first tried cream blushes with Becca Turkish Rose. It was gorgeous but I could never get the hang of blending and applying it naturally. So, much as I’m tempted by all the lovely pictures and uses of Benefit Cosmetic’s Benetint and Posietint (See Kahani, Tine and Geekchic) I can’t see myself getting or using them as I’m such a klutz with cream/liquid blushes.

Stila Convertible Color Lillium

Enter Stila Convertible Color Dual Cheek and Lip. A cream cheek and lip product. It acts as a cream blush or as a lip colour. Personally I think it works better as a cheek color and I’ll explain why below.

The packaging is pretty as are all Stila products. The case is sturdy and there is a largish mirror inside the top cover. The compact is quite slim which makes it easy to tote around if you like to touch up. The cream colour itself is large and the colour of the case represents the colour of the product which makes it easy to find in your drawer.

The colour I have is Lillium which is a peachy toned colour with slight brownish undertones and no shimmer.

I took this one on holiday because that’s the best time for me to test the wearability of products. I first used the convertible colour for the cheek as a blush. Since I was on holiday, I opted to use my fingers as I read this is the fastest and best way to blend cream blushes.

My fingers picked up the colour easily and I was quite surprised that it was quite pigmented. I swiped it on my cheeks and working quickly, blended it. Surprisingly, it was not creamy nor oily on the skin at all, but was in fact quite gel-like. I applied it the first time on bare skin and then layering loose powder over it. The next time, I applied it over powder foundation and then dusted some loose powder over to set it. I prefer how it looked the second time round. It is nice that the Stila Convertible Colour works on top of powder without streaking or looking patchy. It doesn’t dry that quickly so you do have time to blend it to your satisfaction.

I applied Lillium in the morning and was out in the hot sun the whole day, sweating. To my surprise, the colour was still there even in the evening. So, that means that the Stila Convertible Color wears well and lasts. It did not make my skin feel or look oily which is a super plus point.

Stila Lillium on skinWhen I returned, I decided to try another way of applying the Stila Convertible Color and I decided to use a brush. The brush I used is a two toned stipple brush also commonly called a “skunk brush” because of the black and white bristles. You can see a picture of it in my review of NARS Taos blush.

What I did was tap lightly on the surface of the Stila Convertible Color, picking up some colour on the tips of the white bristles. Just a little is fine. Then, I dabbed it to my cheeks on top of powder foundation, and with a swirling motion, blended it in.

What I then got was this as you see in the picture – a nice light flush of peachy colour without the hassle of using my fingers! I was ready to put Lillium aside but now, I might just find myself using it a lot more often. Yay!

Lillium turned out to be a pretty peach colour on the skin, which is light but can be layered for more intensity. It has no shimmer, but you can dust a light highlighter powder or shimmer over it and I expect it will look very pretty. Its definitely a colour for the day.

As for the other use of the Convertible Color i.e. for the lips, I found that firstly the colour Lillium did not suit me for the lips. Maybe a redder shade might. Secondly, I found it a little dry for use on the lips. But I suppose if they made it more emollient then it would be sliding off the cheeks so there’s a trade off.

I can now see why the Convertible Color is one of Stila’s bestsellers. Its convenient and pretty and works great as a cream blush! The price of Stila Convertible Color is RM88 per pan. Not too expensive, I thought as its a large pan and can last a while.

Pros: Lasts long, Pigmented Colour, Portable, Easy to blend, Dual Uses

Cons: Dry for lips


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Nikki August 29, 2008 at 10:13 am

that looks really pretty and natural! Good tip! I should buy a “skunk” brush, I’ve been eyeing MAC’s Stippling brush but it’s sooo expensive! But come to think of it…if it works well, it’s a good investment right? Love your photo! :)


ParisB August 29, 2008 at 10:57 am

@Nikki : Thanks! And yes, good brushes are a great investment. I haven’t used the MAC one myself but I’m told that if you get just 1 brush from MAC, that would be it! :)


Nikki August 29, 2008 at 1:14 pm

PB, yes, i’ve set my mind to purchase that when I go to HK, I heard MAC products are cheaper there compared to Philippines :)


Connie August 29, 2008 at 3:47 pm

Ooh.. I have this but the travel size one. Seldom use it though. The color didn’t suit me too well. Looked too pink on me. Neat that you tried it with the stippling brush! I’ll try to give it a whirl.


YZ August 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm

I have a Convertible Color in Peony, which is more suited to my NC30 skintone. It gives a nice flush of colour to my cheeks :) I totally agree with everything you said in the review, down to the fact that it does not work well as a lip colour – too dry, really.
I use Peony CC when I’m in a hurry, blending it on top of tinted moisturizer. Have yet to try it over powder foundation though. And yes, I definitely have to get myself a MAC skunk brush one day…. 😉


reeka August 29, 2008 at 6:01 pm

Hi PB…

I love lilium also!! it’s a pretty base which match to all blushes (for me). And I use the skunk brush too,…hihihi. I use the infamous 187, the SE one. I dont have a heart using my regular 187 for cream blush LOL.

Have u tried BB Pot Rouge? It’s lovely also. U must try….:)


MisSmall August 29, 2008 at 6:37 pm

I, too, can never use cream blushes. Bought Nars cream blush in penny lane coz the cosmetician did such a beautiful job on my cheeks, which I, for the life of me, can’t figure out how to replicate. Though after reading this post, I wonder if I should give it another try. :)


ParisB August 30, 2008 at 10:36 am

@Connie : The stippling brush does diffuse the colour so try it – maybe it’ll work this time.

@YZ: Hmmm… now I’m wanting to look at Peony because thats such a pretty name!

@reeka: Nope I haven’t tried BB’s pot rouge simply because of my phobia of cream blushes. Perhaps now I’ll take a second look at it.

@MissSmall: It always looks so good when the sales people put it on us but try the brush method. I find it works better. And Penny Lane is a pretty colour!


Monstro August 30, 2008 at 12:37 pm

That looks so nice on your PB! And your lashes look great-the Maybelline? ;-D

Unfortunately, I had the CC in Gerbera and it just didn’t work for me. I think you need to have a pretty nice complexion to use this as the finish is not matte, but a bit shiny? I found that cream blushes don’t work so well on me unless they’re cream to powder finish. Also cream to powder formulas seem easier to blend-for me, at least! I really like the GA cream blush as well as Lush’s B-never cream blush :-)


ParisB September 1, 2008 at 11:08 am

@Monstro : That was my fave mascara – Anna Sui full. Awesome huh? 😉 I found that if you use fingers to apply the CC it can get oily but if you use a brush its less so, then dust some loose powder over and that takes care of oil and shine. I used to have an Armani blush but found it too try. Guess I never learnt the brush method then!


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