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This is not a review per se. I wrote about this new eyeshadow by Kate on my old blog a while ago. I mentioned I was keen to try this from the new Kate collection (at the time)

Well, to my surprise, its here! Earlier than expected.

I saw it in Watsons yesterday retailing for RM45. Although Watsons is having 15% off on Kate cosmetics at the moment, this is not included as its a red tag item. I think its because its new. Sasa also has it at about RM42.75 or something.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to test it, and yes, I like it! Its shimmery, so those who don’t like shimmer would have to steer clear. There are 2 complementing colours, one light, one darker.

I swiped most, but only liked BR-1 (brown shades) and GD-1 (gold shades). I’m into neutrals lately so that might explain my current preferance. I did swipe the Green duo as well, as I like green eyeshadows. However, I did not like this one, as both the greens looked muddy for some reason.

Would I buy it? Yes, maybe later but not now. RM45 for 2 colours is just too much for me, especially for a brand found at pharmacies/drugstores. Yet if I’m truly tempted, who knows!

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